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Get free from all types of manual reporting with use of Make my Report which in turn makes your life easy by collating data from multiple sources.!!


Report Building is a web-based application and also a quick & easy tool to create & compile dynamic reports, which can import data from multiple sources as per the business requirement by connecting all desired offices, contacts, partners in a web based environment or it can be integrated with the existing intranet of the organization to streamlined the reporting structure of the Organization.


Inter & Intra connectivity of all branch offices.

User friendly & Individual Password to the authorized users so as to view reports based on seniority level.

Head Office/Designate officer can create a requisite Format for seeking information/data and can forward the format to the concerned offices/works.

Concerned Offices/ Works can forward the information through mobile/web /Excel.

Generation of Data Base with data analytics facility.

Defaulters are visible with flagging.

Data archive can also be maintained in desired format.

Cumulative report Generation and Remove the lone paperless office.

Immediate access to top/middle management and grass-root level information.

Periodically updating ,diversification & modifications.

Economical, faster & time saver, Paperless offices.

Open to integration with the existing system.